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Compute & Communicate

Embedded systems connected to IoT

  • Your application requires data processing and data communication?
  • Does it run autonomous and embedded? 
  • Does it communicate to a smart phone app or will be data transferred into the cloud?

Based on your requirements we will be able to provide you with a microcontroller system, a processor system or with a combination of both. The compute power can range from a very power efficient ARM CortexM0, a dual CortexM4/M0 up to a quadcore Cortex A7 processor system.

Our systems include communication modules to connect your application to a smart phone or to the cloud, with state-of-the-art or leading edge technology, such as BLE, WIFI(-direct), LoRa or Narrowband-IoT.

Our wearable development platforms MicroHub and NanoHub are scalable modular development tools. Using this platform will lower project costs and risks, and speed up time to market of your product.

  • How could we get sensor data into the cloud?

    Starting with the MicroHub you can read sensor data and transfer data with WIFI to the cloud service. Narrowband-IoT will enable infrastructure independent IoT applications.

  • How do I know which technology works best for my application?

    Beside our experienced team of hardware and software engineers we have access to a broad international partner network with technology specialists to cover all topics to develop the system matching your requirements.  

  • How much power does the BLE consume?

    The power consumption will range between 5mW to 15mW for RX/TX power. Most important for your low power application is the implementation of smart power modes,at example we have developed always-on systems which consume less than a 1mW.

  • Compute Modules

    We are able to provide you with wide range of compute modules, using our wearable development platform. Our development platform with NanoHub, MicroHub and MicroHubPro is well suited for wearable real-time sensor data applications. For high-end data streaming applications, we provide a CortexM4/M0 platform which runs up to 200MHz and comes with two Highspeed USB 2.0 ports.

  • Communication Modules

    Connect you to the IoT

    Our BLE and WIFI communication modules available within our wearable development platform are well suited for most of the target applications in the area of body sensor networks.

Textile Integration