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Power Applications

Efficient Power Solutions for wearable Electronics

We develop optimized power solutions that are designed to enable wearable and mobile applications to integrate them into garments and accessories. Beside developing and delivering integrated solutions we help our customers to source standard components like power banks.

Innovative concepts to supply wearable applications with power include energy harvesting with solar modules and charging concepts such as wireless charging.

  • What range of form factor will be supported?

    We provide customized power solutions with a wide range of form factors. Starting from a very thin 3mm integrated LiPo (100mA/h @3.7V) up to a large power banks with 20 A/h @3,7V)

  • How long does the power supply last?

    The dimension of your power supply depends on the required operation time. Specific power optimization methodologies such as deep sleep mode will reduce power consumption and extent battery life time.

  • What about connectors?

    We support power connectors such as micro USB, USB, power jack and integrated customized connectors.


    Energy Harvesting with solar cells

    Solar cells are the most suitable energy harvesting technologies for mobile applications. A combination of solar with LEDs is an attractive scenario and for sensor applications even fully autonomous solutions are possible.

  • Power Systems

    From standard power banks to custom specific solutions: together with our specialized partners we support the purchase of power solutions that meet the application requirements as there are logo prints, special cases or hardware and software modifications.

Textile Integration