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Light Applications

Seamless Integration into Textiles

Textile light applications are applied to increase operational safety and vision as well as to add unique features to fabrics for fashion industries and interior design.


    The iLight L20 system is powered by a 3.7 V / 1400 mAh Li-Ion Battery


    ca. 20 hours at +25° Celsius and ca. 15 hours at +10° Celsius


    The LEDs are integrated into YKK Stocko DUR8 snap buttons

  • How can I control the System?

    The system can be operated with a press button from the outer shell of the garment. Other solutions - e.g. BLE remote control - could be developed on demand.

  • Safety on the road

    Our goal is to improve safety while keeping user comfort at a maximum. Light output can increase operational safety in dangerous as well as extreme situations. In traffic scenarios, white light increases visibility (1) and red light (2) indicates danger or the necessity to react. Triumph Motorcycle Ltd. introduced the Light Jacket powered with our LED system iLight L20 in the market, followed by other companies.

  • Visibility at work

    Our L20 system with white LEDs for the front part and red LEDs for the back of the jacket enable hands free light for reading a stock list as well as provide additional safety for working in unlighted areas.

LED Snap Buttons

Our basic light application is applied to textile snaps. Each LED can be clicked into a standard YKK Stocko DUR 8 eyelet (4) & (5). The system is modular and removable. We provide a standard USB flat connector (3) to attach the power or proprietary connectors for the L20 control unit (see video). LED solutions could also be combined with other technologies as solar or wireless communication as at example BLE.

The video shows a standard demonstrator of our light application. It can be customized depending on the application. During our 12 years of experience in the smart textile industry the field of application as well as the specific use case must be considered first. Depending on the use cases we decide together with our customers which integration concept fits best.

L20 Light System

We use washable textile cables to connect sensors and actuators in the garment. The litz wires are insulated to prevent from leakages and shortcuts when getting wet. Polyester yarns encompassing the wires provide high reliability and robustness.

Fashion and Lifestyle

In fashion, textile integrated light is used to emphasize and create new designs. We support textile designers to enhance their products with undercover technology. To solve challenges of integration as well as realizing customer specific requirements are always in the focus of our work.

Interior Design

Textiles are present almost everywhere. Light elements out of Jacquard weavings with PMMA fibers allow custom patterns for individualized designs that could be applied in office environments, within cars, public transportation and within hotel and home environments.