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    Conductive. Flexible. Robust.

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    Distributed. Modular. Scalable.

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    Integrated Systems

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Smart Textiles, Wearable Electronics and Integrated Systems

Interactive Wear develops and produces electronic systems designed for textile integration and wearable systems enabling customers to digitize, interconnect and innovate their products. Our functional focus covers heating, light, sense and feedback solutions. We utilize technologies such as flexible conductive textiles, connectivity components and modular electronics platforms. Our distributed software architecture includes real-time embedded systems, application software and mobile applications.

Our systems are part of more than 100 products in market segments such as sport, fashion, workwear, rehabilitation, as well as interior design.

Smart Textiles

Conductive. Flexible. Robust.

We use conductive textiles to develop and produce lightweight, flexible but robust systems. We collaborate with leading research institutes and specialists for embroidery, weaving and trims to provide components for apparel and interior designers.

Our smart textile components are the proven backbone for integration of wearable electronics into our customers' products.

Wearable Electronics

Distributed. Modular. Scalable.

We focus on electronics integrated into flexible environments, especially garments and other textile products. One of the main differences compared to mobile devices is the usage of distributed architectures, flexible materials and special textile compliant integration methods and techniques.

Our wearable electronic components functionalize our customers' products and turn them into smart devices.

Integrated Systems

Connected. Interactive. Multimodal.

We offer components and techniques to merge electronics with textiles, resulting in smart systems and products. We provide new concepts of multimodal user interaction, comprising textile products as smart interface, the integrated electronics for data acquisition and control, application software for data analysis and mobile applications for complex user interaction.

Our integrated systems transform our customers' products into objects of the internet of things, controlled by their users.

What we do

Product Development

From Idea to Product

We develop customer specific wearable products from idea to manufacturing, delivering systems for demonstrators, prototypes, pre-series and volume production.
Customers take advantage from our existing platforms, enabling fast time to market combined with reduced development risks.


Leverage Experience

We provide a fast access to the basics and principles of wearable electronics.
We help to evaluate product concepts or developed components, leveraging our development know-how and industrialization experience from more than 130 projects as well as our R&D partner network for electronics and smart textiles.


From Material to Platforms

We offer components and systems to build wearable products and smart textile solutions. Our portfolio ranges from textile cables for interconnections, textile heating pads, LED solutions to power banks suitable for usage in wearables.
Complete sample systems are available for heating and light solutions.

Latest Projects

OPED Orthelligent Knee

Enabling better rehabilitation

A motion sensor unit mounted on the orthosis, combined with a training app, enables patient and therapist to optimize and speed up the rehabilitation process.

Bogner Heat Jacket

Enhanced User Comfort

Stay comfortably warm when it's chilly outside with the innovative Bogner ''Heat System" at the lower back.  

BMW Concept Link

Gesture control

At the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017, the BMW group presented a biker jacket with a direct link to the e-bike.

Project Kickoff WearGraph

Since April 2018, Interactive Wear joint the Graphene Flagship Project. We are working within the spearhead project WearGraph to develop and demonstrate power solutions build of graphene components.







Bayern Innovativ

 350 experts attended the conference "Intelligent Textiles"

The conference in Kempten, Bavaria, was an attractive meeting place for experts from the textile, sports, fashion, chemical, automotive and electronics industry. They discussed latest developments and future potentials for smart textiles.

Andreas Roepert held the final speech about chances and challenges for wearable electronics and smart textiles in the next decade:

Quo vadis Smart Textiles? - A market between Hype 2.0 and Industry 4.0

Read more - program (German)

Project Kickoff SAAM

An integrated high-tech modular system will be helping lonely older people by tracking their health indicators as well as their nutrition, physical activity and socialization habits. The system will evaluate the risks pertinent to the elderlys' behavior and their surrounding environment. The information will be gathered and analyzed in an online platform specifically developed for this purpose. In case a problematic situation arises, relatives as well as the corresponding social service providers will be notified accordingly.

Read more about the SAAM innovation





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